Design and production


We are specialized in creating electronic solutions; we execute designs and prototypes of devices for many branches. We take up new challenges willingly since we know that our team of constructors is ready to accept every commission. Thanks to our 20 years of experience we are able to offer solutions to very complex design issues. We are distinguished by professional attitude to our clients’ needs, as well as, knowledge and comprehensive competency. We execute projects within the following domains:
  • analogue electronics,
  • digital electronics,
  • communication systems,
  • microprocessor circuits,
  • parts of industrial automation systems,
  • electrical engineering,
  • microprocessor systems,
  • industrial controllers,
  • systems for “intelligent house” construction.

We guarantee openness and optimal solutions to our clients. Cooperation with us considerably reduces time and costs of design works; simultaneously, providing a product of high quality executed according to your specification. Entrusting us with a task of designing and producing electronic devices is a perfect solution for companies which are willing to cooperate with an experienced and reliable contractor.

All the projects executed by our company are functional and in accordance with specification provided by the client. We also offer our own solutions which could improve operation of the specific device. Our executions are always made of the highest quality parts, and the whole production process is optimized in order to make it be the most favourable for you in connection to cost analysis. In the beginning of our cooperation with clients we always engage in detailed discussion concerning optimal solutions and project’s valuation. Subsequently, we prepare and present a device’s prototype, and after it’s accepted, we start a production.

If you are interested in cooperation with us or have any question feel free to contact us: serwis@jabel.com.pl
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