Self-assembly kit

The self-assembly kits, as a part of our regular offer, deserve a special attention. We have created them both for beginners in electronics and for those who want to realize their electronic ideas. Putting these kits together will bring much joy to every user, and their practical application in connection to many devices will make them even more functional.
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Electronic Devices

Everyday life requires better and better and more and more effective solutions in order to facilitate your activities. Therefore, we manufacture electronic devices. We would like to give you the opportunity of implementing new solutions and helping with organizing your work in many fields thanks to our products. Our products are willingly selected and applied in many fields.
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Designing and Manufacturing of Electronic Devices

Jabel company is an enterprise which is focused on innovativeness and high functionality of manufactured devices. Thethe Therefore, we always look for the most optimal solutions, which are going to work perfectly in a place of their destination.
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