Among others, we have already executed the following projects for our clients:

  • monitoring systems in trams and railbuses,
  • entrance gates controlling,
  • DC electric motor controllers up to 1kW,
  • LED controllers for advertisements,
  • Stepper motors controllers,
  • Counters of no-accident days used in factories,
  • Proportion meters installed in devices for ice-cream production,
  • Devices installed at factories’ entrances selecting people for inspection,
  • Neon signs’ controllers,
  • Counters working with encoders,
  • Controllers for thermal transfer press and semi-automatic screen printing machines,
  • Controllers for vending machines, rockers, arcade games with ISD system,
  • Controllers for radiators with the function of programming a week cycle and calculating real costs of consumed electric power,
  • Time controllers installed for air tracks used in physics lab,
  • Lighting controllers for terrariums,
  • Controllers for household wind-powered electrical generators and solar collectors.

SUPRA thermal transfer press controller


The controller of large format transfer press is compatible with 18 PT1000 sensors. PID algorithm was used for controlling, and 18 outputs to which heaters are connected. A graphic display enables to show many press operation parameters simultaneously. Data provided by the device can be transferred to PC by means of RS232.

Microprocessor controller for patented NOGEN aluminium radiators.

51)The sensors monitor radiator’s temperature depending on the ambient temperature. Power consumption is regulated in this way, and a programming device installed in the radiator enables to set up to ten time and temperature ranges for each day of the week. The display of the programming device also shows energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh), and the costs of consumed energy in accordance with the current tariff..
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